An angry person does not see Dharma.

What will an angry person destroy Even though it is difficult to do Is like easy to do


Kut-tho, thạm-mạng, na, pạd-s̄a-ti


“An angry person does not see Dharma.”

Angry person Of course has clouded intelligence Because of his anger Resentful Because of being disturbed by anger Like water in a well Under a muddy pond When someone stirs a stick with a stick The mud grew, causing the cloudy water to be invisible.

People are often angry and have blind wisdom. Making him unable to see the topic and not see the dharma Don’t know your right and wrong, don’t know your sin, don’t know your merit, don’t know you, don’t know the penalty, don’t know the benefit or not.

When not knowing the foregoing This enables him to do anything without fear of sin and its consequences. As a result, acts according to the power of anger. Which will cause destruction and trouble Both for oneself and others.

So when anger arises Should hurry and use tolerance to suppress And use compassion to restrain quickly Will not become a slave to anger And create serious karma This will adversely affect both oneself and others.

Contents of Buddhist Proverbs

Section on Self✅ Section on Death
Section on Precaution✅ Section on Friends
Section on Karma✅ Section on Request
Section on Passion✅ Section on the King
Section on Anger✅ Section on Speech
✅ Section on Patience✅ Section on Effort
✅ Section on Mind✅ Section on Retribution
✅ Section on Win✅ Section on Truth
✅ Section on Giving✅ Section on Consciousness
✅ Section on Suffering✅ Section on Faith
✅ Section on the Dharma✅ Section on Contentment
✅ Miscellaneous Category✅ Section on Recluses
✅ Section on Wisdom✅ Section on Unity
✅ Section on Negligence✅ Section on Precepts
✅ Section on Sin✅ Section on Happiness
✅ Section on Personnel✅ Section on Fellowship
✅ Section on Merit

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