Keep yourselves from being in trouble.


Xạt-tā-nu-rạk-k̄hī p̣ha-wa mā xa-thị-h̄i.


“Keep yourselves from being in trouble.”

Usually people with enemies waiting to harass Inevitably experience difficulties all the time. They must be terrified of when the enemy will destroy his life, they must escape. They must do whatever it takes to escape the enemy.

Passion is the greatest enemy of mankind. It control and invades our mind all the time. Constantly instructing us to do evil according to its power.

When we are constantly harassed by passion We will inevitably experience a constant frustration. It is therefore imperative that we protect ourselves. Not to be offended by passion anymore.

We must keep ourselves By using the principles and teachings of Buddhism as a shield. Use consciousness as a shield. Use the shame of sin and the fear of its consequences as a shield. Do not allow us to sin in accordance with the authority of passion.

We have to use Vipassana meditation as a weapon to destroy passion to die from our mind. Whenever passions are executed completely, then we will become free from the power of it.

Contents of Buddhist Proverbs

Section on Self✅ Section on Death
Section on Precaution✅ Section on Friends
Section on Karma✅ Section on Request
Section on Passion✅ Section on the King
Section on Anger✅ Section on Speech
✅ Section on Patience✅ Section on Effort
✅ Section on Mind✅ Section on Retribution
✅ Section on Win✅ Section on Truth
✅ Section on Giving✅ Section on Consciousness
✅ Section on Suffering✅ Section on Faith
✅ Section on the Dharma✅ Section on Contentment
✅ Miscellaneous Category✅ Section on Recluses
✅ Section on Wisdom✅ Section on Unity
✅ Section on Negligence✅ Section on Precepts
✅ Section on Sin✅ Section on Happiness
✅ Section on Personnel✅ Section on Fellowship
✅ Section on Merit

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