Self is the refuge of all people.

Self is the refuge of all people.


Xạt-tā h̄i xạt-ta-no nā-t̄ho


“Self is the refuge of all people.”

All the people born on this planet Would want to depend on each other, when born we depend on our parents to raise up. When we reach a reasonable age, we rely on teachers to teach knowledge. We rely on our friends to help with various activities, etc.

It can be seen that we are born and we have to rely on each other. So we can live on this planet smoothly.

However, other dependencies or external dependencies, namely persons other than ourselves Can not always be a dependence for us And definitely not a true refuge We cannot rely on other people for the rest of our lives. Because everyone has different duties and responsibilities.

Buddhism teaches that The noble refuge is ourselves Not someone else. Anyone else, no matter who they are No matter how wealthy they are Can not rely on the same as our own.

The word “self”, or ourselves, is divided into two parts: body and soul. These two parts are dependent on each other.

The body has to rely on the mental part to command, regardless of whether to do, speak, think, engage in any activity, the body must rely on the mental part to command the whole.

The mind must relies on the body to get things done. Because the mind is unable to do anything by itself Just order the body to do it The performer is the body. Who keeps doing everything according to the order of the mind.

It can be seen that the mind and body depend on each other all the time. To be able to accomplish various activities.

The essence of the word “Self is the refuge of all people” is a consequence of What is the ultimate goal in Buddhism which is Nirvana. Buddhism teaches Buddhists to practice in order to eradicate desires. For the ultimate goal which is Nirvana.

Getting rid of passion Or to reach Nirvana is personal, that is, no one can do it for anyone. Everyone must practice. To get results.

Meditation practice We have to do it ourselves. That is, we have to rely on ourselves to perform charisma. Can’t rely on other people at all.

And this is the meaning of the word “self-reliance”.

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