Well-trained people Surely obtained a rare supporter.

Well-trained people Surely obtained a rare refuge


Xạt-ta-nā h̄i s̄u-thạn-te-na nā-t̄hạng la-p̣ha-ti thun-la-phạng


Well-trained people Surely obtained a rare supporter.

The word “supporter” refers to a person, place, or thing that will help us easily accomplish our tasks, for example parents provide us with refuge when we are children. We can’t help ourselves. Parents help us with everything.

Teachers help us by passing on the knowledge that we can have knowledge for living with wisdom, know-to-the-world. Have the ability to make a career.

Friends can be our dependence on some occasions. Helping us to accomplish certain tasks.

We have houses as a refuge for living, sheltering from the sun, sheltering from the rain, and sleeping, etc.

Reliance on all of the above External dependence is a refuge that is not sustainable, not special yet.

There is another type of refuge that is considered to be a noble refuge, namely merit and virtue, which will lead us to experience only good things and lead us to a better world in the end of life.

And the most difficult of the highest refuge is Nirvana, the most advanced. It is the ultimate goal in Buddhism. Because of this reliance on Nirvana It will very well protect us from state of loss and woe.

But we have to train ourselves first By making ourselves far from all desires To make ourselves out of all disobedience Train ourselves to be generous in mind Train ourselves to be morals And train ourselves to be a persistent meditation practitioner.

When we have trained ourselves as such So we can get a noble refuge which is hard to get, that is the path of Nirvana.

Contents of Buddhist Proverbs

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Section on Precaution✅ Section on Friends
Section on Karma✅ Section on Request
Section on Passion✅ Section on the King
Section on Anger✅ Section on Speech
✅ Section on Patience✅ Section on Effort
✅ Section on Mind✅ Section on Retribution
✅ Section on Win✅ Section on Truth
✅ Section on Giving✅ Section on Consciousness
✅ Section on Suffering✅ Section on Faith
✅ Section on the Dharma✅ Section on Contentment
✅ Miscellaneous Category✅ Section on Recluses
✅ Section on Wisdom✅ Section on Unity
✅ Section on Negligence✅ Section on Precepts
✅ Section on Sin✅ Section on Happiness
✅ Section on Personnel✅ Section on Fellowship
✅ Section on Merit

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